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"Spain Possessing the characteristics of a leader who spearheads the objectives, design, and execution of useful platforms Mihir and team are the exception to what is already a good rule or, thumb of measure when searching for capable team for your sales. If you want your business to be the best then you should be seeking those who can help in getting there."
Greg Heath
CEO @ Bit2Men
"Mihir is an integrated sales person who understand the pulse of the business. He is innovative thinker and always ready to contribute to growth. He is very hardworking, supportive and extremely positive. He has essential characteristics: smart and analytics, fast and responsive, intelligent risk taking, focus."
Nainesh Patel
RadixWeb, India
"Mihir has helped my business to grow tremendously. In just 2 weeks after working with Mihir and his team, my sales almost doubled. His guidance and advice is of great value to me and my team. I am forever grateful to Mihir for the new direction of my business. Mihir is the person to align yourself with if you are looking to grow your business fast!"
Aazim T. Sharp
CEO at Leaf Credit Solutions
"If you are looking for a mentor to follow or to completely change how you think about business, Mihir is the right guy to follow. He is a master at what he does and he cares about people. A normal guy that built his success himself. He talks the talk but has walked the walk and built big success."
Karshan Zala
Managing Director at Fruxinfo PVT LTD
"Mihir is really very enthusiastic person and always ready to solve my queries even in the midnight and quite helping nature. I can recommend Mihir for anyone who is really looking for stability in their personal as well as professional life." Here are the 3 tips from Mihir which I liked most. 1. Wake up Early 2. Be positive and confident 3. Implement the plan and not just make them on paper."
Gurupritsingh Saini
CEO at AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd
"I have always heard the phrase “all you need in life is within…” but never took it literally until i hired Mihir to help me grow my sales, He gave me a short speech about “overlooked opportunities” which i dismissed in my mind as a marketing jargon. He was very professional from his excellent customer service to the customised solution he designed which helped us engage with today’s highly connected consumers effectively on social media which led to over 200% profit in the first month. Mihir is a genius and i highly recommend him."
South Africa
"I knew Mihir around last 2 yrs, he is very hardworking and positive personality."
Gayatri Verma
Senior Quality Engineer @ TS Tech Sun India Pvt. Ltd
"I hired Mihir and his team for a local initiative here in Ireland over the winter of 2016/2017. As an offshore team they were absolutely excellent from start to finish. Mihir managed the project with professionalism and dedication from the beginning to the end. He is very well versed in the sales and business development skills we needed to use, very responsive with responses and guidance (even at the weekend!) and most of all reliable. Thank you for helping us build our vision!"
Martin Roddy
Senior Software Specialist @ Pramerica
"Mihir Shah really knows his stuff. Many of his examples pointed right at behaviours my team and I had taken on, and then he told us how to FIX them! The knowledge I received through this course has helped increase my sales figure and I have become the top sales person literally every month. I've been using a lot of the methods I learned in the course and my sales are up 20% this month. Yatharth Marketing Solution is a perfect solution for any sales organization. I would highly recommend everyone take Mihir’s course, especially those who are interested in furthering their career and closing more sales"
Danijela Majkic
"I am working with Mihir Since last 2 Years, He always met his deadlines and he is 100% work alcoholic. It was been great pleasure to work with him."
Jay Shah
CEO @ Tranquil Business Solution LLP
"Mihir is extremely driven and focused on providing his customers with what they need in a very quick and timely manner. Every time I have worked with Mihir (as his customer) he has went above and beyond to exceed my expectations, offer solutions to my inquiries, and just in general is very knowledgeable and helpful in everything that he does."
Hayley Justine Thompson
"YMS have helped us to understand the real sales process, when we started 2 years back we were lost, our clients were angry and we were on point where we planned to closed the company. YMS have given us confidence and helped us to build a friendly relationship with client and be their honest consultant.This had not just helped us to survive but also earn respect in the market. YMS have proven their words that sales is just outcome of good relationship."
Al Battagliotti
Marketing Director at Fantastic Industries, Inc
"Mihir is a very efficient and effective solution provider. We worked together on incorporating a new web solution into our business and his help and discipline kicked off our project and kept the timeline in check. Doesn't complicate things with too much of the extras which helps focus on completing the task at hand and then introduces a timeline on how to grow the solution step by step. I enjoyed working with him and recommend him highly."
Victoria Kelechian
Mirvik Group
"I would thoroughly recommend working with Mihir. Since I began working with Mihir in February he has gone above and beyond to make sure he found all the best solutions for me and has been a great support during the rather stressful periods of setting up my business. Mihir took the extra time to make sure I was happy with everything and was so helpful when I had a lot of questions. Mihir has great customer service skills and also had a great understanding of what would really benefit my business and help it grow."
Louise Clark
"Most of other sales training and sales consultancy companies incline to be coping each other. YMS’ knowledge of our business makes them very effective at understanding our needs and then helping us in a more focused way to lead 70% growth in just 1 quarters and suggestively increased our penetration and revenue in existing accounts."
Mitul Patel
CEO @ ProtonBits
"Mihir is a good friend, when we first known each other, he helps me a lot with my job and life direction. I know he is best on his work in the IT field, and he works very hard, what the point is: he is very helpful."
Carrie Hu
Regional Manager at DAGE Stage Lighting Co., Ltd
"I have worked with Mihir on multiple development projects. He understood my needs and requirements and worked closely with me to insure the project was completed on time and as directed. I would highly recommend Mihir."
Sharon (Troth) Gaffney
"Mihir is an extremely thorough business development consultant. He is creative in his approach for making business strategies. When working on MyPrintCloud, he always aware of the key points to grow the business. In addition to his professional skills, Mihir is excellent team player, he brought in a lot of enthusiasm and leading capabilities to his team."
Muhammad Naveed