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About Mihir Shah - India's Top Sales Trainer & Sales Consultant

Mr. Mihir Shah is India’s Top Rated award winning Sales Trainers. He believes in dominating the sales world. He has worked for many of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Tally Solutions Private Limited, Merck & Co., Maxxis Rubber India PVT LTD, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, NCC Limited, Eastman Global, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Insurance Broker, Nirma PVT LTD, Videocon, NextEducation India PVT LTD, VIVO India PVT LTD, Xerox, and many more.

He is responsible for industry leading Corporate Training, Leadership Training, Sales Training, and Sales Consultancy that have a strong, lasting impact. With a keen understanding of employee psychology and a drive to inspire success, Mihir can help your team achieve your goals faster.

How I successed in my Life - My Life Story

Do you think of becoming a super successful person in life with lots of appreciation and fame? Mihir Shah not only thought of becoming successful, rather followed his dreams and did enormous hard work and achieved success.

Success is not something that is achieved overnight. You have to work hard, put in a lot of efforts day and night to achieve your goals and be successful in life. A super successful sales expert Mihir Shah’s story can totally relate to the above words.

Mihir Shah – CEO, Yatharth Marketing solutions has now achieved the title of the Best Sales Trainer with lots of hard work and strength. Belonging from a middle-class family and had no financial support and also no entrepreneur background, he established his company “Yatharth Marketing Solutions – Best Sales Training Company in India” in 2012 from scratch.

The most effective sales techniques and strategies cannot be taught in textbooks, but rather by the people on the leading edges, doing the work and seeing the results. Those who have learned everything by testing, repeating, and growing. The people who have learned the sales techniques with their own hard work and pain are the ones who are worth following. Mihir Shah is one of those sales experts who have gained all the skills and expertise on his own by putting in immense hard work.

He always had a dream of having his own company where he can help other people lacking the skills that Mihir has expertise in. Once while working in his previous company, recruiting people for the organization, he realized the lack of required basic sales skill set in the candidates appearing for the interview. From there he was clicked with a unique idea of providing sales training to the individuals and to the organizations as well.

Since it was 2012, the idea of providing sales training was extremely new in the market. There was no other company that used to provide these kinds of services. By just having the hope and desire of getting succeeded, he established his own company “Yatharth Marketing Solutions”. Any new idea takes time and effort to come into action. Since social media was not at the boom at that time it was a bit difficult to spread awareness about the newly established company and its services. But How did Mihir Shah managed to get his first client?

Once while traveling through a train, a random person who saw Mihir’s profile on LinkedIn offered him a job. That time he did not want to a job. Mihir offered sales consultancy to that person. At that, he did not even have his own office so provided consultancy sitting in the client’s office itself. This was how Mihir Shah managed to get the first client and continued to get the clients the same way.

In 2015 Mihir Shah Founded a new venture named “Yatharth Management Solution LLP”. This venture was evolved from belief in the power of self-enhancement to a performance-based training company with offices based in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. Mihir’s original body of knowledge has been continually updated, refined, and expanded through nearly a century’s value of real-life business experiences.

In 2015 itself Mihir’s company collaborated with the marketing company known as Proton Bits and both the companies started working together. Since then he had around 150+ customers. After collaborating with ProtonBits they started marketing their company on different online platforms and finally started to achieve success. Proving valuable and quality services to his clients, he is now recognized as India’s Best Corporate Sales Trainer and Consultant.

Mihir Shah has provided sales training and sales consultancy to many big companies like Amazon, Tata Q, Mahindra Finance, Harit Zaveri Jewellers, Girnar, Zydus, and many more. He is always praised for providing training with all the latest techniques and for helping people to achieve goals faster.

Later in 2018, he released his own book named “21 Simple Steps to become successful” which is the best book one can read to become successful in all the aspects of life. This book helps you to learn time management and life management skills, touch the various aspects of life, and helps you get motivated. This book has been an inspiration to many people and it still continues to inspire so many people.

With lots of hard work, he finally started achieving success when he was featured on customerTHINK, YOURSTORY, Bizwiz, Entrepreneur, Small Business Bonfire, Indian CEO, ABP News, Aditya Birla Group, and many more. Till 2020, Mihir Shah has successfully provided sales training and sales consultancy to more than 650 Corporate Companies and 6 Lakhs+ individuals who desired to achieve success but were lacking in some or the other skill.

In 2020, he launched his own Online Sales Training Course named “Mastering in Sales – Sales Training”. With the start of 2020, Mihir somehow assumed that something really worst is coming that is going to adversely affect the e-commerce industry. After COVID-19, with this assumption, he launched the online sales training course with the motivation of providing sales training and consultancy to those whose businesses have been affected adversely due to the pandemic.

Even in this pandemic scenario, Mihir is so motivational and positive, that he is always searching for new tricks and techniques to train people and help them become successful in selling and helping companies get higher revenues over a small investment. His online training course is so easy to use and learn. It can be accessed anywhere anytime with full ease. Mihir’s Online Sales Training Course can help you grow your business up to 70% in just 90 days by the effective sales tips.

Mihir Shah always believes in building great leaders who deliver success. He always works on a simple motto that “When better is possible, good is not enough.” He continues to work on this motto and keeps on improving his knowledge to help people grow their business and achieve success.

He has continued to focus on providing Sales Training, Sales Consultancy, Leadership Training, and Corporate Training to esteemed organizations and also to the individuals who need to aspire to something great in life. He is an inspiration to more than 1000+ people.