Go from Zero to Hero mode in the Sales world with the help of The Mihir Shah Live Sales Training Program to ensure a successful sales career.  


 Key Advantages of Online Live Sales Training Program 

  • Learn advanced Sales, Selling procedure, and Sales Skills: An online sales training course that is easily accessible from anywhere and to all. Multiple Sales lessons that are practiced by our successful corporate clients. Mr. Mihir Shah is India’s Top Rated Sales Trainer and has trained over 100+ corporate companies already.  
  • Consult and get World class solutions for your Business: You can find all the solutions to as many Sales problems and queries you have. You can get the Sales solutions via the live Online sales training program. You don’t have to worry because we are to help you. 
  • Grow your business to become a large Corporate: Surely the Online Sales training will get you up to 10x more sales, 2x more profits, and 2x more Sales repeats. Get Sales support post the sales training.  
  • Practice a Sale Script: Once the Online Sales Training is completed, you get the opportunity to practice the sales script. You can sell products to acting customers and see how well you are doing.  

Meet Your Sales Trainer - India's Top Rated Sales Trainer - Mr. Mihir Shah

Mr. Mihir Shah is India's Top Rated Sales Trainers. He believes in dominating the sales world. He has worked for many of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Tally Solutions Private Limited, Merck & Co., Maxxis Rubber India PVT LTD, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, NCC Limited, Eastman Global, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Insurance Broker, Nirma PVT LTD, Videocon, NextEducation India PVT LTD, VIVO India PVT LTD, Xerox, and many more.  

With the experience from there, he knows that today’s selling ideas are outdated and need improvement. Therefore, he is striving hard to change the sales scenario for corporate as well as individual organizations. 

Live Training

Online Sales Training Programs Workshop Curriculum  

  •  Selling: Today buyers have a lot of ways to research and buy things online. Yet when it comes to the final steps they prefer consulting a salesman.  
  •  Strategic Account Management: The Mihir Shah Strategic account management goes beyond traditional strategic account management planning to allow sales professionals to generate reliable, assessable value with their key customers. 
  •  Sales Negotiation: The module offers a repeatable and robust negotiation agenda that is confirmed to carry win-win results. 
  •  Mastering the Opportunity: Learn approaches, skills, and tools for preparing and delivering winning sales presentations to beat competitors and the category quo. 
  •  How to sell professional services: Trained experienced sales professionals take the next footstep to becoming a ‘first-class sales professional’. 
  •  Sales coaching: To help sales leaders and managers in executing an inclusive, Mihir Shah provide results-driven sales culture and approach that will deliver rapid and measurable results. 
  •  Sales Management: Several people find themselves in the position of sales manager as the effect of a promotion to identify their top performance as a seller. 
  •  Sales Objection Management: The ability to resolve sales objection successfully is vital skills for sellers.  
  • Motivational Training: Sales training programs should be proper for any skill level. The Mihir Shah motivational training can assist you and your sales team today, from cold calling scripts that make an 85 percent response rate.
  • People Skill: People skills are important to meet and work with people of different social, ideological, thinker and cultural backgrounds. 


  • 1:1 SESSION WITH MIHIR SHAH - It will be a digitally based video 1:1 session with the #1 Sales Trainer of India. You can clear all your sales doubts and queries.  
  • 3 MONTHS SUPPORT: The Mihir Shah offers 3 Months support to their clients once the Sales training programs is completed. Lifetime support includes giving Sales guidance or solving Sales issues in the future.  
  • MEGA DISCOUNT: The Mihir Shah offers its Sales Training Programs at Rs. 29,999 but they are offering a discount of 60%. So now you can attain the sales training at Rs. 6999 only. 

More than 5000 Students across the globe have already enrolled for this live sales training programs. If you want to join you need to make a quick decision.  


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Testimonial - What our Customer says about us?

"Hina Rajput - Human Resource - Eastman Auto and Power Ltd, Mihir Shah is the sales guru every salesperson should follow. With his Sales knowledge and experience, he has groomed our Sales and Service team as per our defined requirements and needs. Being a good human being he is always ready to give Sales inputs which will take you to the top of the sales ladder. I will definitely recommend to all Sales-driven organizations to indulge in his spectacular sessions. All the Best Mihir. Waiting for more Session to be conducted"

"Aazim T. Sharp -CEO at Leaf Credit Solutions , USA Mihir has helped my business to grow tremendously. In just 2 weeks after working with Mihir and his team, my sales almost doubled. His guidance and advice is of great value to me and my team. I am forever grateful to Mihir for the new direction of my business. Mihir is the person to align yourself with if you are looking to grow your business fast!"  

"Gurupritsingh Saini, CEO at AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mihir is really very enthusiastic person and always ready to solve my queries even in the midnight and quite helping nature. I can recommend Mihir for anyone who is really looking for stability in their personal as well as professional life.

"Karshan Zala, Managing Director at Fruxinfo PVT LTD If you are looking for a mentor to follow or to completely change how you think about business, Mihir is the right guy to follow. He is a master at what he does and he cares about people. A normal guy that built his success himself. He talks the talk but has walked the walk and built big success."  

"Mitul Patel, CMO at Yatharth Marketing Solutions., India, Most of other sales training and sales consultancy companies incline to be coping each other. YMS’ knowledge of our business makes them very effective at understanding our needs and then helping us in a more focused way to lead 70% growth in just 1 quarters and suggestively increased our penetration and revenue in existing accounts."  

"Jeetesh Surana - Describe a talent person in some word is not enough but I describe some point you got form Mihir and learn him" 1.Talking Skill (Right Time Talking, Where and how to talk ) 2.Marketing and Sales (How UnderStanding Client Requirement ) 3.Leadership(business vision flowing with employee aims ) 

"Uma Roy - YMS have helped us to understand the real sales process, when we started 2 years back we were lost, our clients were angry and we were on point where we planned to closed the company. YMS have given us confidence and helped us to build a friendly relationship with client and be their honest consultant."  

"Al Battagliotti, Sales Director at Fantastic Industries, Inc., USA, Mihir provided excellent consultation for the product and services offered from his clients. He was very knowledgeable and always provided reasonable solutions. For his true professionalism, Mihir earns my highest recommendation." 

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Date: 11th April 2020 | Time: 10 AM to 3 PM | Join Using: ZoomMeeting/Laptop-Mobile

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So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you... 

Q. Who will provide Sales Training? Training will be provided by Mr. Mihir Shah himself. With his experience of over 10 years in Sales Training, he will surely boost your selling skills. Just the same way he has done for about 100 corporate companies across India.  

Q. Will I get a course Certificate? Yes, you will receive a course certificate. Once the Sales training is completed you will get your Course certificate. The course certificate will state that you have attended the training with full interest and integrity.  

Q. What is the System requirement to attend this training? All you need for the Sales training is good speed internet and a device for viewing the sales training.  

Q. Should I get Support after Training? Yes, we does provide future support once you receive the Sales training. The support will be offered for three months of post Sales training. Your queries, issues and any problems related to sales will be solved.  

Q. What if I cannot make it for the scheduled Sales training? You do not need to worry about missing out on your Scheduled Sales training. If you do miss out we have an empty slot in every Sales training and so you will be rescheduled for the next session.  

Q. What is the proof from your side about my training? So as soon as you complete the payment, you will receive an email with an attached receipt. The email will also have the details of the sales training.  

Q. Who can attend the Sales training? The sales training is for one and all. It can be a salesman, a fresher salesman, someone wanting to start a business, etc. The training is open for all to attend.  

Q. Where do I contact you? You can contact us on our website itself via phone call, email, or inquiring in the inquiry section.  


Price: INR 6,999 INR 29,999